Elastic PBT fibres ( PBT catalogue) manufactured by Stilon are sold under the ELITE brand. They are characterized by good elasticity, immediate resilience and high resistance to sun radiation and chlorinated water.

For the reasons mentioned above, PBT yarns are mostly used for the production of professional sports clothing (fitness, cycling, bathing costumes). In addition, PBT yarns are easy to use and process - they can be combined with all kinds of natural and synthetic fibres and dyed at a broad range of temperatures.. PBT fibres are available in the smooth and textured forms, wound on paper coils or warp shafts.

Types and possibilities of the PBT yarn:

  • type of fibre: textured DTY, spun WKB:
  • cross section: RD;
  • effect/shine: shiny BR
  • colour: raw white and black;
  • thickness: 22, 42, 56 and 78  dtex (available all the time), other yarn thickness values – on individual orders;
  • application: weaving, circular and warp knitting, production of fancy yarns;
  • intended use: production of underwear, medical products, upholstery, overcoats and sports clothing.

The Stilon PBT yarns are manufactured with special care about natural environment:

  • we conduct a recycling policy; 
  • we implement less energy-consuming technologies;
  • we educate our employees;
  • we comply with principles and regulations contained in the REACH regulation (regulation concerning the use of chemicals);
  • we hold an Oeko-Tex® certificate and trademark Oeko-Tex®, which confirms that our products meet high human and ecological requirements.