Cotton yarns made of staple fibres

Cotton yarns made of staple fibres

We offer a broad range of cotton yarns spun from staple fibres which come from tested suppliers. As a member of the Cotton Association in Gdynia we guarantee tested and repeatable quality to our partners.

Types and characteristics of cotton yarns:

  • composition: depending on the type of yarn - 100% cotton, mixture of cotton with other fibres, 100% bamboo fibre;
  • fibre type: classic ring spun, combed and compact, OE open-ended, VORTEX.
  • effect: raw white, colourful, melange, fancy; it is possible to obtain various visual effects; 
  • application: round and warp knitting, weaving;
  • intended use: production of overcoats and sports clothing, underwear and socks as well as bedlinen and tablecloths.

Cotton yarns for knitting are available on a continuous basis:

  • classical, combed, made of long-fibre cotton (24% of noils);
  • classical combed and compact;
  • OE open-ended, from American cotton in the autocoro system;
  • classical melange with a part of cotton combed with a share of black PES ranging from 5% to 40%;
  • fancy classical, 100% cotton and mixed yarns;
  • classical, mixed, cut; Cotton/PES; 
  • OE open-ended raw and melange (50% cotton/50% PES with a 5% content of black PES).

We can import the following yarn on an individual order:

  • with 100% content of cotton in various colours and in melange colours; 
  • cotton for weaving; 
  • with various percentage content of individual raw materials (e.g. modal/cotton);
  • organic, with 100% content of cotton; 
  • Indigo 

Cotton yarns which we import:

  • are accurately tested in terms of the influence on the environment and contact with the human skin;
  • have an Oeko-Tex®, Standard 100 certificate and trademark Oeko-Tex®, which confirms that high human and environmental requirements have been met;
  • have an Organic Cotton mark (organic cotton obtained from ecological cultivations where not pesticides or chemical additives are used);
  • meet the BCI standards (Better Cotton Initiative);
  • are made by manufacturers with the ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14000 quality systems.