Polyester yarns

Polyester yarns

We import polyester yarns from the Far East and the European Union and we pay special attention to their quality. We offer only top-quality yarns with a dye-absorption guarantee. We are the sole representative in Poland of the INDORAMA Indonesia company - a manufacturer of polyester yarns.

Types and characteristics of polyester yarns:

  • fibre type: smooth FDY, textured DTY, twisted TWY:
  • cross section: RD, TR;
  • effect/shine: shiny BR, semi-matt SD, full matt FD;
  • colour: raw white and black, integrally coloured and bobbin coloured, colours according to the client's request);
  • thickness range: 20 -300 den (available all the time), other yarn thickness values – on individual orders;
  • application: round and warp knitting, weaving;
  • intended use: production of sports clothing and overcoats, bedlinen, tablecloths, curtains, flags, banners, food packaging and upholstery.

Polyester yarns which we import:

  • they are accurately tested in terms of the influence on the environment and contact with the human skin;
  • they have an Oeko-Tex® and trademark Oeko-Tex®, certificate, which confirms that high human and environmental requirements have been met;
  • they have an INTERTEK® certificate (approval for contact with food).