The ELITE-MELANGE is created as a result of joining two yarns from different yarn absorption classes –  PBT yarn with polyamide. Non-woven and woven fabrics made of such yarn, after dying in a standard dying bath are characterized by a particularly attractive melange effect. Owing to the appropriate selection of joined yarn parameters and raw materials used, it is possible to obtain a woven fabric in very interesting colours.

Types and possibilities of the ELITE-MELANGE yarn:

  • type of fibre: textured DTY:
  • cross section: RD;
  • effect/shine: BR, SD;
  • colour: raw white
  • thickness range: 44-90 dtex (depending on the raw materials used); 
  • application: hosiery, round and warp knitting, weaving;
  • intended use: production of tights, overcoats and sports clothing.

The ELITE-MELANGE yarns are manufactured with special care about natural environment:

  • we conduct a recycling policy; 
  • we implement less energy-consuming technologies;
  • we educate our employees;
  • we comply with principles and regulations contained in the REACH regulation (regulation concerning the use of chemicals);
  • we hold an Oeko-Tex® and trademark Oeko-Tex®, certificate, which confirms that our products meet high human and ecological requirements.